San Francisco Champagne Society

a reservation only champagne lounge

what's pouring...

The selection is different every day at SFCS. It is great fun to pull out several of the bottles I have available when you arrive and review what you would like to enjoy that evening.  
Pricing is based on your price range so let me know how much you are comfortable spending and any preference for a favorite style of champagne. There are many options and I can put together a custom tasting just for you!
I can typically put together a flight of 3 delicious champagnes - 4 ounce pours - for $60 to $500 per person.  There are some benefits to a larger group size and some limitations to a smaller one.  And there are always options without limits available but I enjoy the challenge of creating a delicious experience that is affordable. Please let me know your budget and I will do what I can to accommodate your request.

a light bite.

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